In between University of Washington academic years in the Fall of 1972, we took off for the Canadian National Parks.  Grizzly Bear attacks were happening in the areas we visited, so we were most careful about where we hiked.  We purchased bells; kept our food high up in the trees, and paid attention to where we were.  In Jasper, there was a sign at a trailhead that said it was closed due to Bears!  A little farther ahead was a scaffolding attached to a boulder giving the indication that it gave access to a huge secure mound.  We climbed it to have our lunch only to see the area sweep down to the other trailhead.  We did the only stupid thing…we had lunch…rationalizing that we could see in all directions.  The plan was to run down the slope if we saw a bear in any direction.

Jasper Park 1972

Thanksgiving 2014 had us gather together as a family in Klamath Falls.  Both youngsters were now adults with their own kids in tow.  Linda was sensing the moment.  She returned the sneaky peek delivered from long ago.

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