Appalachia Boats

Ever since April 1954, I have referred to Uncle Stern’s hideaway as the cabin at Apalachicola when in reality it has always been Panacea, Florida.  Last May, Linda and I drove through Panacea on the way to Pensacola.  On the way we did find the town of Apalachicola 70 miles farther West.  It is a beautiful and quaint spot on the Gulf Coast.

Rick and Vickie Sanders inherited the “cabin” in Panacea spending lots of quiet time there.  They were most gracious to my error of my youth…how often can you misplace geography these days?  Maybe that is the wrong question…


2 thoughts on “Apalachicola

  1. Stewart

    How are you and Linda doing?

    Spring is in the air up here. The last of the snow is off our property. Things are drying out.

    It was a so, so winter. Pat and I were here as we are helping with the grandkids on a regular basis. It is a long story but things will be back to normal by September when our son-in-law finishes articling in Victoria.

    I talk to Rainer via email , way too much!😝. He is back to work up there in Upper Rubber Boot Ontario, AKA, Goderich!

    We still have our horses but I do have one for sale, that will leave us with two. I am out in the hills with my riding friends almost every week during the summer. We spend some time down on the Old Man River, north of Cowley, north of the Gap. Yea, I am spending time riding the country I used to fly over!

    For sure if we are down your way we will be in touch.

    Say hi to Linda.

    Take care.



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