Alberta Soaring


I was flying “August Moon” an LS3a when Dick Matthews captured this shot in August 1986.  We were on our annual trek up to Cowley Alberta for the summer Soaring Camp.  Three of us were to do a “beat up” just as the bride and groom said “I do”.  Scheduled for 1500h, we finally swooped by at 1700h.  We had used up all the Up by then.


2 thoughts on “Alberta Soaring

  1. Hi Stewart, how are you doing?

    That was a memorable day, I seem to recall the other 2 culprits were Jos and Kevin. Fond memories indeed. I’ve made it back to Cowley the last 2 years purely for nostalgic reasons.

    Having recently acquired a DG 800B, I intend to make Cowley one of my stops for 2017.

    Please give my regards to Linda; hope you are both doing well.


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