The First Time I Met Her

We were newly arrived Freshmen at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill campus where the ratio of boys to girls was 2000:200.  Only the medical technical groups of ladies were admitted to this school.  Yankees were even rarer.  I pledged Chi Psi that Fall of 1962.  I had another love in my life.  There was a party at the fraternity house in October where this young woman was on the arm of another Pledge Brother.  Her red hair caught my attention.  We were introduced.  From that point onward, we became friends.  We studied often at the Library.




My summer of 1963 came with a realization that the old love was in the recent past.  So, returning to school that fall I had Linda in mind so I asked her out when we met by chance outside the Gymnasium.  Everything changed from that moment onward.

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