We have lived in this abode for 21 years.  That is the longest span of time either Linda or I have camped out in one  location ever.  As a child of the Navy, she was always on the road so to speak.  I have always been slower to migrate, yet I counted 10 houses, condo, or trailer that we both have occupied during our 50 years together.  When I got hurt, my outside work was picked up by Linda and our neighbor.  Both did a wonderful job of maintaining what was there when we purchased this home in 1994.  Last year I walked around the place.  That effort said it was time for an upgrade.  So Photo One is Before and Photo Two is After for Phase One of the three phase project to be done over three years.


landscaping-10 So far, all the plantings have done well.  The trimmed orchard trees have borne great cherries with promises of good peaches later.  Drip irrigation keeps the water bill down as well as helping with our drought conditions now in the 4th year.  Fortunately, we live above Klamath Lake which has provided water to those living here for the past 14,000 or so years.

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